Workers Compensation Patients

Pain shouldn’t be a part of your identity

If you’ve been injured at work as a result of an accident or due to the strain of repetitive movements, your pain may be affecting all areas of your life.


  • Stopping you from getting back to work?
  • Slowing you down at home with your family?
  • Restricting you from riding your motorcycle or hunting with your friends?
  • Lowering your resilience and strength?
  • Keeping you from getting a decent night’s sleep?
  • Making you fearful about your future, both personally and professionally?

Worried about losing your independence and your ability to enjoy doing the things you love?

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

When you’re injured at work, it can be overwhelming to deal with case managers, adjusters, attorneys, and employer representatives that have differing views on what kind of treatment you need.

Work with a Board-Certified Cleveland Clinic Specialist and a skillful team of Nurse Practitioners and supporting clinic staff to heal your pain and revive your energy. Not only will we help you get back to work, we’ll be an advocate for you every step of the way.

Are You A Case Manager?

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Happy, Pain Free Patients

I've been seeing Dr. Boutwell for my pain management for about 5 years. Before seeing her, I had injured my back, resulted in surgery. Having L-4, L-5-, S-1 fused. This surgery made things worse for me. I had been seeing a pain management team who were giving me oxycontin 20mg which soon became ineffective as I built up a tolerance to the medication. Dr. Boutwell reviewed everything and started treatment. It took a while for us to find the right combination of medication, but we did get there. Along with the medications, she was always able to offer helpful tips on things to try for more relief and a better night's sleep. We have just started doing injections, which have also helped. Having had them before, I had my reservations about them. I am now having them with great results. It was not the right time before. When you are ready to see a true doctor for pain relief, Dr. Boutwell is one who can, and will, help you.


I have been treated by Dr. Boutwell since October 2016. In this timeframe, I have not only come to know her as a very good doctor of mine, but also a friend. She always takes time to listen to you, your concerns, your thoughts, and how you feel. She always makes sure that she’s totally understanding what’s being said. If she doesn’t nail your pain issues down on your first visit, you can rest assured that she will work through it until you have a satisfiable treatment. If you’re interested, Dr. Boutwell can help you with food alternatives for helping with inflammation and such. She has a great support staff also. Nichole, her assistant, is very good at what she does. She is very friendly and has a great personality.


When my husband first encountered Dr.Boutwell, we walked into her office “beat up” by surgeons and we both had a doubtful attitude she could help with the enormous pain from 3 major back surgeries. Our lives were in shambles. Pain destroys you and everyone around you. The moment she sat with us and listened to my husband's story, I knew at that moment Angels walked among us... corny, right? But it’ll be 3 years this September my husband has had continued pain relief With Dr. Boutwell... something I thought would never happen. I know she saved him... she saved us. She was the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Jackson, MO

Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz, MD has your best interests — and your health — at heart

You’ve been injured at work as a result of an accident or due to the strain of repetitive movements, your pain may be affecting all areas of your life.


Missouri-native Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz, MD is an Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Spine Specialist, with deep knowledge of trailblazing back pain management techniques.

From OrthoBiologic Services to neuromodulation, nutrition coaching to medication management, Dr. Boutwell uses a range of tools in her toolbox to help you get back to your normal.

The Katalyst Difference

Workers’ Compensation Expertise

With over 10 years of experience helping Workers’ Compensation patients, we strive to advocate for your health while navigating the concerns and requirements of case managers, adjusters, employers, and family members.

Dedication To Your Goals

We understand what your pain has taken away from your life. We work with you to learn about your goals: whether you want to roll on the grass with your grandkids or work a double shift with ease, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to get you there.

Range of Exceptional Treatments

Dr. Boutwell Lenarz utilizes pain management techniques and procedures from both traditional and functional medicine to craft a unique care plan for each of her patients, designed to help you get back to optimal health fast.

Commitment To Communication

Pain management can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not fully aware of the treatment protocols and terminology. We make it a priority to help each of our patients fully understand their care plan so they feel confident at each step.

Here’s How We Work

Everyone you meet at Katalyst is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in your journey to a life free from pain.


Understanding your goals: At your first appointment, we focus on listening to your hopes and objectives. We want to understand your ideal outcomes so we can get you there.


Learning about your pain: We actively listen to how your pain affects your life. Is it stopping you from working at full capacity or taking care of your house and lawn?


Crafting your roadmap: We start by establishing your next, best steps. With many tools in our toolbox, we select the ones that best suit your pain, your health, and the goals you want to achieve.


Reaching your pain-free future: Through our procedures and treatments, we work diligently to ensure you achieve your optimal health. When the pain is improved, you can get back to doing the things you love most.

Are you ready to finally get rid of the pain that holds you back from enjoying your life?