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Your destination is a pain-free future.

Our mission is to ensure you always feel confident in the care you receive with us. At Katalyst, we first listen carefully to our patients’ concerns and questions. Then - and only then - do we begin the work of outlining and then leading you through the steps that will ensure you get to your goals.

Pain is often overwhelming. Your treatment shouldn't be.


Here’s what makes Katalyst the right choice for you:


Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz, MD is a fellowship-trained, Board-Certified Cleveland Clinic specialist and an Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Spine Specialist. Our Nurse Practitioners and supporting clinical staff have also been hand-selected.


Having completed over 10,000 procedures since her fellowship, Dr. Boutwell Lenarz has a deep knowledge of pioneering pain management procedures. In-house resources now allow Katalyst to provide some of these procedures in our clinic setting.


From innovative and functional medicine to top-tier pharmaceutical utilization and lifestyle modification strategies, we utilize a wide array of tools to address your pain. Additionally, we are lifelong learners, dedicated to staying at the front of medicine as it evolves.


At Katalyst, we treat every patient as an individual and we recognize every person has unique needs. We’re committed to ensuring you receive sustainable results — not band-aid solutions or cookie-cutter treatment plans.


It’s vital to us that our patients always feel comfortable with their care. We take time to carefully explain your care plan so you feel confident at every step. We also understand the importance of clear communication with those that may oversee your healing journey.


Helping you manage your chronic or acute pain is just the first step. At Katalyst, we can also help with other ailments to enable you to regain your energy, independence, and vitality. A holistic approach to patient well-being is a cornerstone of the practice.

Happy, Pain Free Patients

Dr. Boutwell is an intelligent, research-oriented and progressive pain management doctor and I trust her medical advice and decisions. Her enthusiasm for her field and her patient’s experience is motivating and infectious. Her staff is organized, pleasant and adept at handling any issues that arise. I would recommend her to my closest friends and family. Thank you, Dr. Boutwell, for going above and beyond in my care!


Dr. Boutwell is a patient's dream to find. She is kind, patient, takes the time to make sure you understand everything she is saying and to answer any questions. Dr. Boutwell is continually educating herself and learning new procedures for the simple reason of helping her patients, not to display a bunch of certificates. She truly wants to help be a part of your journey of achieving a pain-free life. She has personally helped me after a car accident left me in constant pain and I am truly grateful to her.

St. Louis, MO

First, she actually cares about you, she wants you to have success, and she won’t stop till you are happy. Dr. Boutwell is very experienced in her profession and dedicated to what she does. She’s also more like family thank a doctor. Very down to earth. She helps me by making me believe in myself and understanding that anything is possible and failure is not an option. I am so glad she is my Doctor and you will be too. Recommendation 100 percent!

Ironton, MO

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We work with patients from all walks of life, who are experiencing pain that is overtaking their well-being and quality of life. Learn how we can help you break free from the pain that’s holding you back from your goals.

Do you want to age gracefully without nagging back or full-body pain? Feel like your vibrant self again and look rejuvenated through PRP and OrthoBiologic Services that help you attain optimal health. With our regenerative and restorative services, you’ll feel rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit.

Do you have acute or chronic pain due to repetitive movements or a workplace injury? If you’re afraid of losing your independence at work, home, or with your friends, our treatments can make a difference. Let’s get you back on your motorcycle or playing with your grandkids.

You have your patients’ best interests at heart, but helping them achieve MMI with the right provider isn’t always easy. WIth over a decade of experience working with adjusters, case managers and attorneys, we get sustainable patient outcomes for your clients.


President of Missouri Society for Interventional Pain Physicians 2016-Present


Rising Star Award, American Society for Interventional Pain Physicians 2018


Board Member, American Society for Interventional Pain Physicians, 2015-Present


Multi-year St. Louis Magazine’s Peer-Chosen “Top Docs”

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