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Pain takes many forms, happens as a result of many issues, and presents itself in many ways. Each patient has a unique pain trajectory and requires a custom treatment plan. As a result, we specialize in tackling back and full-body pain using a variety of evidence-based traditional and functional techniques.

These clinically proven injections have been the mainstay of interventional pain management for decades, thanks to their ability to reduce inflammation, stimulate healing processes, and decompress painful nerves.

They help to break the cycle of disability and suffering that comes with overactive pain signals being transmitted to the brain.

The procedure is x-ray-guided and locally anesthetized, with precision placement of therapeutic medications within the anatomic “sleeves” surrounding the spinal cord and large branching nerves to the body and extremities.

Epidural placement of selected medications and biologic solutions are known to reduce pain by improving the health of the bathed tissues.

This procedure applies to cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral/caudal areas.

These procedures reduce pain and increase mobility by improving the health of the joints and surrounding nerves and tissues.

They are utilized exclusively to target pain emanating from the spine joints themselves, similar to knee or shoulder joint pain.

The procedure is x-ray-guided and locally anesthetized, with precision placement of therapeutic medications into, or directly on to, the joints of the spine.

The medications and biologic solutions utilized at Katalyst are all scientifically proven to modulate inflammation (arthritis), promote healing, and help break the cycle of debilitating, overactive pain signals being transmitted to the brain.

This procedure applies to cervical, thoracic, and lumbar area.

The targets for this treatment include reduced inflammation (arthritis), chemical “clean-up” of debris and painful chemicals in the joint, and restoration of space within the joint.

The procedure is image-guided and locally anesthetized, with precision placement through x-ray or ultrasound, and medication and biologic solutions are injected in the joint itself.

Pain is relieved when the health of the joint is improved.

This procedure applies to all joints of the body.

The purpose of this treatment is to disconnect signals of severe pain from traveling to the brain.

Necessary, helpful pain signals in the body serve as safety switches to warn us of possible bodily harm. However, when the chronic debilitating pain signals are not protecting us in any way, we are able to easily, elegantly, and safely “clip the wire.”

The procedure is x-ray and/or ultrasound-guided, with the precision cauterization of tiny spinal and body sensory nerves. After the injection of numbing medication, the special needle is placed next to the painful nerve, which is heated sufficiently to divide it along its course. Patients need little to no downtime, with pain relief similar to procedures and surgeries that historically took months-long recovery time. This procedure applies to all joints of the spine, including painful peripheral nerves.

Known commonly as the “Pacemaker for Pain”, the placement of an internal stimulation device works by harnessing the power of our body’s electrical system to minimize pain. Rather than using chemicals, these devices “speak” to our pain-conducting pathways through their more native language of low-level electricity.

Trial: All patient candidates for stimulation therapy have a 7 – 14 day trial of the device to be sure the therapy is effective for them. This involves the image-guided (x-ray and/or ultrasound), locally anesthetized placement of special wires along the nerves or nerve pathways conducting severe pain signals. The end portions of the wires remain outside the body and are connected to the battery, which serves as the “brain” of the system. This is discretely bandaged to the body where the wires exit the skin. Programming of the system is done by Dr. Boutwell Lenarz and a team of dedicated device representatives over the course of the trial to ensure that the areas of coverage and amount of pain reduction is optimal. Criteria to move to implant includes a pain reduction of 50% or greater, improved daytime function and nighttime sleep, and ability to reduce other pain medications during use of the device. Many patients report greater than 70% pain relief during the trial.

Implant: Around 2 weeks after a successful “Pain Pacemaker” trial, Katalyst proceeds with permanent implantation. X-ray and/or ultrasound guidance is utilized for precision placement. Although a general anesthetic is not necessary for this procedure, the patient is taken to the operating room to ensure sterility as well as to utilize the services of our anesthesiologists. Patient comfort and safety is always our top priority, and employing these services ensures the best possible experience for our patients. After perfect placement is confirmed, the system of leads and battery are slipped under the skin and secured. Most commonly, there will be 2 incisions created to allow for placement. These are closed at the conclusion of the procedure and sterile bandages are applied. The device will then be programmed to deliver the same electrical therapy that was determined during the trial to provide significant and sustained pain relief.

This procedure provides round-the-clock programmed pain relief with the option of self-dosing to treat “breakthrough” pain. Using this method, we bypass the body’s gastrointestinal, renal, and hematologic (blood) systems to prevent burden and disease typically associated with chronic pharmaceutical pain treatments. Multiple medications are available by this delivery system.

With surgical implantation of a refillable medication reservoir and attached catheter, we can deposit micro-dosed pain medications directly onto their sites of action within the cerebrospinal fluid. Patients that are thought to be of potential benefit are “trialed” individually in a simple, stepwise protocol prior to consideration of a permanent implant. Medications can be used alone (as “single agents”) or in combination with other pain medications that work well together for added benefit.

Regenerative Medicine treatments allow you to lessen pain and regain mobility quickly and effectively without invasive surgery.

Successful treatments often eliminate the need for chronic NSAIDs, opioids, and other potentially addictive pharmaceuticals that only “treat” the symptoms of the problem.

Even if you think you have exhausted all your options, tried physical therapy, or other injections therapies, such as cortisone, but have not seen the results, Regenerative Medicine treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Stem Cell therapy may be exactly the right thing for you!

If you have been told you need surgery, it is not too late.

There is a good possibility that you could avoid such surgical procedures with a more comprehensive approach to your pain.

Through strategic utilization of your gut environment testing, we reveal and explain correctable sources of complaints related to fatigue, pain, weight gain, skin problems, digestive issues, mood disorders, and cognitive decline.

Back pain treatment options are not a one size fits all approach. Rather, there are a lot of elements that require assessment, such as your lifestyle habits, activity levels and body size, that all encompass part of a productive solution. At Katalyst, we take a holistic approach to treating upper and lower back pain, and also offer treatment options for neck pain and middle back pain. We deliver a personalized treatment plan that is focused on your goals in order to create successful outcomes.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for pain relief. PRP is a natural product that contains plasma, platelets, growth factors and other compounds derived from your own blood and is injected into the treatment site to promote healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. The PRP injection is performed at the Katalyst clinic by licensed professionals who have received specialized training in the technique. 

Happy, Pain Free Patients

Dr. Boutwell is a patient's dream to find. She is kind, patient, takes the time to make sure you understand everything she is saying and to answer any questions. Dr. Boutwell is continually educating herself and learning new procedures for the simple reason of helping her patients, not to display a bunch of certificates. She truly wants to help be a part of your journey of achieving a pain-free life. She has personally helped me after a car accident left me in constant pain and I am truly grateful to her.

St. Louis, MO

First, she actually cares about you, she wants you to have success, and she won’t stop till you are happy. Dr. Boutwell is very experienced in her profession and dedicated to what she does. She’s also more like family thank a doctor. Very down to earth. She helps me by making me believe in myself and understanding that anything is possible and failure is not an option. I am so glad she is my Doctor and you will be too. Recommendation 100 percent!

Ironton, MO

Hey Dr. Boutwell! Wow, It has been a long road since we became Dr/Patient in early 2017. I'm not sure where I would be today if not for you and your wonderful staff guiding me on that path. You are an INCREDIBLE Doctor, but more importantly, a better person who always had a smile on your face! Thank you for being my Doctor and hopefully my friend. Take care and God bless you!

East Carondelet, Illinois

When my husband first encountered Dr.Boutwell, we walked into her office “beat up” by surgeons and we both had a doubtful attitude she could help with the enormous pain from 3 major back surgeries. Our lives were in shambles. Pain destroys you and everyone around you. The moment she sat with us and listened to my husband's story, I knew at that momentAngels walked among us... corny, right? But it’ll be 3 years this September my husband has had continued pain relief With Dr. Boutwell... something I thought would never happen. I know she saved him... she saved us. She was the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Jackson, MO

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