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Many people are saddled with knee pain

It's a common complaint that leads to numerous doctor's visits and the search to find relief. Katalyst Pain Management is committed to providing pain management solutions that will help improve chronic pain and get you back to an active lifestyle.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee pain can either be chronic, meaning it's occurred over a long period of time and includes pain and swelling of the knee area or temporary which can result from an injury.

Knee pain resulting from an injury is usually only temporary and can be corrected through rest and ice. Surgery may be necessary to repair tears or other serious damage. Such injuries are as follows:


Meniscus knee tear: A thickened cartilage pad that cushions the femur from the tibia, it can be injured during forceful twisting.
Runners knee: As its name suggests, this is an injury common to runners, but can also occur during other activities where stress is put on the knee. Common complaints of runners knee is a dull, aching pain around the kneecap. Causes can range anywhere from overuse to improper footwear and lack of stretching. To help alleviate the pain, a schedule of rest, ice, compression, and elevation is recommended.
Ligament injuries: There are four ligaments, connective tissues that support the joint, of the knee. An injury to one of these ligaments is often followed by severe pain, a popping sound when it occurred, extreme swelling, and the inability to put any weight on it. If a ligament tear occurs, surgery is most often needed but activity restrictions, braces, rest, and ice may correct the problem over time.

Chronic knee pain is usually not a result of a single event and rarely goes away on its own. Some common examples of this are:

  • Osteoarthritis: A common occurrence where the cartilage breaks down and the bones begin to rub together. Aging is a cause of osteoarthritis. As you age, more wear and tear is put on the joints causing this painful chronic condition. Treatment for the condition depends upon its severity but can range from creams and gels for pain relief, corticosteroid shots, and natural treatments such as acupuncture and massage. The last resort treatment would be a total knee replacement when all other options have been exhausted.
  • Tendinitis: An inflammation of the tendon, pain can occur just below the kneecap or on the back of the knee. Applying heat and ice alternately, along with either wearing a brace or wrapping the injured area, may help reduce the pain.

Knee Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Dr. Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz, MD, and the staff at Katalyst have a different approach to pain management. They have the knowledge and experience to listen to their patients and develop a personalized pain management plan to help each person reach their goals.

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and medical breakthroughs, the team at Katalyst customizes each treatment plan to alleviate full-body pain or isolated areas.

Treating not only physical pain but some consequences because of it, such as sleep deprivation, depression, and medication dependency, the staff takes a look at the whole picture of improving your overall health and well-being.

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