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Did You Know?

Stem cells are your body’s natural healing cells that are acting daily to make minor repairs to your joints, ligaments, tendons and other tissue.

Sometimes the repair process gets overwhelmed by the degenerative process and breakdown and aging/arthritis develops in the joint.

By harvesting your body’s own stem cells and concentrating them we can reverse the degenerating process and heal degenerating joints and tissue.


We harvest the stem cells from your own bone marrow and then carefully separate the layers of cells, so we can get the purest and highest concentration of cells to treat your specific condition.

To augment the healing process for maximal healing, we mix the stem cells with long acting platelets.

Our treatments are tailored to your injury and personal needs. We also maximize healing with a functional and lifestyle medicine evaluation prior to any treatment.

We know that it is not just injecting cells, but also maximizing and enhancing your bodies response to the treatment.

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At KATALYST we believe that you can and should heal with the proper treatment.

With more and more practices jumping on the Regenerative Medicine band-wagon each day, we see that most of these clinics fail to investigate the potential reasons why your body cannot heal, or why it remains inflamed.

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Learn About Your Body’s Own Ability To Heal And Regenerate Without Drugs or Surgery As The First-Line Treatment!


It is an exciting time in pain management and orthopedics as we no longer need to rely solely on surgery or pain medications to treat injuries, pain and arthritis.

In fact, recent studies looking at knee scope “clean out” surgeries and knee meniscal surgeries actually show no better outcome than exercise alone and after surgery the risk of developing arthritis in that joint actually increases.

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