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Katalyst has been a long time in the making. Learn how we got here, and where we’re going next.


Kaylea Boutwell grows up in rural Missouri, on a farm in Springfield. Her grandfather is the most important person in her world. As a girl, Dr. Boutwell Lenarz goes with him to his doctor’s appointments and ends up being the official “translator” for medical jargon into language that her “Pa” can understand.

The doctors her grandfather sees aren’t able to explain the care they give him, and that is incredibly frustrating and scary for her grandfather. From then on, Dr. Boutwell Lenarz understands the true importance of communication. At her practice today, she makes it her mission to clearly and earnestly explain her care plans to her patients.


Kaylea Boutwell graduates as Collegiate Valedictorian from Drury University, first in her class, with a 4.0 GPA. She graduates with majors in Biology and Chemistry, and minors in Spanish and Global Studies. She receives the Fulbright Swyers Scholar award for Chemistry and Biology.


At Saint Louis University Medical School, Kaylea Boutwell is elected Class President and President of the Surgical Interest Group.


Dr. Boutwell becomes a Cleveland Clinic Foundation Distinguished Fellow. This is the highest level of educational recognition among physicians in the field of pain management. She trains with the esteemed Dr. Michael Stanton-Hicks, Dr. Nagy Mikhail, Dr. Leonardo Kapural, and Dr. Samer Narouze.


Dr. Boutwell becomes a solo start-up practitioner with pain and rehabilitation specialists of Saint Louis.

2009 - 2011

Following her graduation from the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Boutwell successfully completes 4 Board Certifications, including Anesthesiology and Surgical Critical Care, Pain Management, and Independent Medical Examiner.


Dr. Boutwell marries Dr. Christopher Lenarz, a fellow physician.


In March, Dr. Boutwell Lenarz gives birth to her twin daughters, Locklyn and Harper — affectionately nicknamed LaLa and ChaCha.


Dr. Boutwell Lenarz builds Katalyst from the ground up, to bring a functional and holistic approach to top-tier pain management.


The journey continues. Dr. Boutwell Lenarz and her team help patients reach their health goals. Whether you want to be able to travel freely, get back to work, revive your strength, or play with your kids and grandkids — Dr. Boutwell Lenarz empowers you to do it all without the fear of ongoing pain.

Your fulfilling life is waiting to be enjoyed.
Let’s ensure you do it without the pain that’s holding you back.