Lower Back Pain

Are You Looking for Effective Back Pain Treatment Options in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO

Over 16 million adults experience chronic back pain across the U.S. This severe condition can often see you relying on pharmaceutical medication to relieve the symptoms, but they do not provide lasting comfort. Katalyst is the premier back pain relief center servicing the areas of St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO using an extensive range of evidence based methods. We offer our patients a new outlook on life by targeting pain for lasting results.

Did You Know That There is a New Way to Treat Lower Back Pain?

Back pain treatment options are not a one size fits all approach. Rather, there are a lot of elements that require assessment, such as your lifestyle habits, activity levels and body size, that all encompass part of a productive solution. At Katalyst, we take a holistic approach to treating upper and lower back pain, and also offer treatment options for neck pain and middle back pain. We deliver a personalized treatment plan that is focused on your goals in order to create successful outcomes.

Say Goodbye to Lower and Upper Back Pain

Katalyst offers a range of effective treatment methods to take control of your pain. Our integrative treatment approaches include biologic medicine injections in the joints of the back and spine, as well as epidural injections to relieve pressure on your nerves. We also utilize radiofrequency treatments that disconnect pain signals while providing anti-inflammatory relief to the trouble area.

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If back pain is causing a severe effect on your life, then you need to know that you have effective options for treatment available to you. Katalyst is proud to serve the St. Louis and Chesterfield, MO areas, offering patients a more lasting level of comfort so that you can regain control of your life. To find out more or to book your visit, call us at (314) 230-7800.