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Arthritis and degeneration are affecting a substantial portion of Americans today and many are looking towards PRP and Stem Cell procedures as an answer. All procedures are not equal, though, and Dr. Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz wants you to know why.

Have You Been Told That You...

  • Need to do a replacement surgery?
  • Have "bone on bone" arthritis?
  • Can't ever grow new cartilage?
  • Need to rely on pain medications forever?

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How to Heal Your Pain Without Surgery Or Drugs

Sign up today to reserve your spot in our FREE Live Seminar with Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz, MD as she shares how you can become pain free without surgery, drugs, and other invasive treatments!

February 20, 2020


Forest Hills Country Club
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Did you know that 90% of injuries can be treated non-surgically? Reserve your spot in our FREE 1-hour live seminar and you're guaranteed to walk away with 9 things:

  • Everything you wanted to know about stem cell therapy – how it works, what stem cells do and what conditions (or injuries) benefit the most
  • Can stem cell therapy work for you?
  • The safety and effectiveness of Stem Cell therapy
  • What your x-rays need to look like to qualify for Stem Cell Therapy.
  • Who does not qualify for Stem Cell therapy
  • How long it takes to heal after your treatment
  • How much it will cost
  • How to Stop masking symptoms with drugs and start living pain-free
  • Who can avoid painful surgery and who cannot

Katalyst Pain Management And Restorative Treatment Center

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At KATALYST we believe that you can and should heal with the proper treatment.

With more and more practices jumping on the Regenerative Medicine band-wagon each day, we see that most of these clinics fail to investigate the potential reasons why your body cannot heal, or why it remains inflamed.

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  • When you can expect your amazing results!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Learn About Your Body’s Own Ability To Heal And Regenerate Without Drugs or Surgery As The First-Line Treatment!


It is an exciting time in pain management and orthopedics as we no longer need to rely solely on surgery or pain medications to treat injuries, pain and arthritis.

In fact, recent studies looking at knee scope “clean out” surgeries and knee meniscal surgeries actually show no better outcome than exercise alone and after surgery the risk of developing arthritis in that joint actually increases.

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